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Slender Matrix Protein


Slender Matrix is our latest, most potent thermogenic fat loss blend for when you want to take your fat-stripping efforts to crazy new levels.

We’ve blended the finest and most effective stimulant, fat-burning and energy boosting ingredients at optimal levels so you have access to a truly cutting-edge thermogenic supplement.

Slender Matrix is an ideal diet protein powder for people trying to lose weight so they can achieve that slim, toned look. Its blend of natural and effective thermogenic ingredients and quality 100% grass fed proteins will give your weight loss efforts a massive helping hand.

Revitalize Protein


Packed with BCAA’s and essential amino acids, Revitalize will enhance your form post-workout and prepare you for your next session.

The hydrolysed whey made from 100% grass fed whey allows your muscles to absorb the protein faster in the recovery phase when they need it most. The added electrolytes promote increased energy, prevent cramping, and help maintain consistent levels of hydration. Revitalize is your ultimate weapon in recovery.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate / HWPI is manufactured via a proprietary filtration process that concentrates whey proteins in a highly purified form. Hydrolysation is the process of treating the whey with an enzyme, the results being a higher concentration of shorter amino acids chains and peptide bonds.

Whey Matrix Protein


Proper Whey Matrix combines the most pure forms of protein available, in ratios that are perfect for muscle growth and recovery.

Whey Matrix is a comprehensive and low calorie mix of proteins and other nutrients that work synergistically to deliver exactly what your body needs for optimal nutrition, rapid muscle repair and healthier lean muscle mass.

So whether you’ve hit a frustrating plateau in your progress at the gym or just have difficulty gaining and maintaining lean muscle, you now have the help you need to reach your ideal physique goals.

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